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G.a HOMEFAVOR 4-Pack Waterless Foolproof Silicone Fermentation Jar Airlocks Lids Kit + Stainless Steel Bands for Wide Mouth Mason Jars,Multi-colour

  • $15.99

FIT ANY WIDE-MOUTH JARS : Work well with brands of “Wide Mouth” mason jars or canning jars in Pint, Quart, or Half-Gallon with an outside dimension of 3 3/8”, like Ball, Kerr, Bernardin and more.

WATERLESS FERMENTATION AIRLOCKS : Automatically vent gas. Let carbon dioxide escape and stop oxygen entering. Reduce the risk of mouldy veggie. No need to burp jars daily or maintain water levels. Wonderful solution to avoid exploding jars or bent lids.

EASY-TO-CLEAN LOW PROFILE LIDS : The “bubble” on the top measures about 0.7 inch tall, so you can store your mason jar with the silicone lid attached in even the smallest of kitchen drawers. Hand wash and dishwasher safe.

PICKLE AIRLOCK LIDS & BANDS/RINGS INCLUDED : The silicone fermentation valve lids are BPA free, food-grade, does not leach any chemicals. The stainless steel band is not easy to break, bend and rust. This lid kit meets your use for years.

EASY TO USE FOR BEGINNERS or ENTHUSIASTS : Fun DIY fermentation canning tool for making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles or any fermented vegetable probiotic foods. No messing with multiple tall outdated fermentation kits or clumsy awkward equipment.

The old way of fermenting food uses multiple bulky pieces including tall plastic airlock. It is troublesome to install, pour water into, move and store. 

Our 4-Piece self-venting silicone fermentation airlock lids packaged with stainless steel bands/rings are super easy for Beginners to pickle delish fermented vegetable probiotic foods. Dishwasher, freezer safe. Easy to clean, move and store. 

Please Rest Assured to Use - The silicone airlock lids and the durable stainless steel bands are FDA approved, BPA free, eco-friendly, food safe, odourless and non-toxic. 

Maintenance Free - No burp, no water, no mould, no spills, no lacto-fermented bombs and no fuss. Fermentation is super easy with our small silicone pickling lids and bands for beginners. 

Automatic Venting Valve - Beneficial bacteria thrive in an oxygen-free environment. A slit cut in the “bubble” on the top can automatically release excess CO ² produced by fermentation without O ² coming into the jar. 

Space Saver - The whole fermenting procedure just consists of a jar, a band and an airlock lid. No towering equipment and you can store your fermentation jar almost anywhere while it's fermenting. 

Colour: red, blue, purple, green
Material: silicone & stainless steel
Package Weight: 115 g

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