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G.a HOMEFAVOR Stainless steel Magnetic Knife Holder 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Strip for Tidy Kitchen

  • $28.00

✔Quality - highest quality brushed stainless steel, super strong magnets and a flawless finish.

✔Simplicity - not trivial, 100% useful ... it's easy and that's why we love him.

✔Easy to assemble - Our magnetic knife holder can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

✔Even stronger magnet - Our practical male connector has a particularly strong magnet. Even larger and heavier knives can be attached to it and hang absolutely safe.

✔Design - sleek design and timeless, great gift idea.


Smart Storage in the Kitchen

Just like in a restaurant kitchen, we’ve focused on durable materials and smart wall storage that provides the space needed for all creative home cooks. With our wall-mounted kitchen storage series G.a HOMEFAVOR, utensils, spices and recipes have their given places on the wall instead of being spread out on the kitchen countertop. It provides you with plenty of space and a full overview of everything you need at hand so just sharpen the knives and let your inner chef blossom.

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