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1.1 Litre Salad Container with Dressing Pot & Cutlery, Leak Proof Salad Bowl to the Go with 2 Compartment for Salad Toppings & Snacks, Microwavable Plastic Bento Lunch Box (Green)

  • $19.99

Four-sided buckles help the box and the silicone seal inside the lid work together perfectly to make a leak proof environment. Do you still worry that your salad dressing or snacks will drip or leak?

There is a divided wall which has a suitable house for a dressing pot. This layer is just so right to accommodate your prepared snacks, fruits and meat. Also, the compartment divider is removable for you to create a bigger room for bigger contents.

The upper layer is 100 ml for side food, while the underneath box is 1000 ml for salads. Kids and adults with a small appetite can enjoy it. Put your snacks, sauce, fruits into your salad container. Shut the lid and shake to make them mix together. (Or use the spork to mix them up.) It must be very delicious.

This salad container is made of food safe, BPA free PP, which is suitable to go into the dishwasher and the microwave. Its material is relatively tough, so it is durable for a long-time use.

Put all the parts of this salad box into the dishwasher, you can make a thorough clean-up. Or you can wash it with warm soupy water. It is microwave safe if you remove the lid before reheating.

High Quality
Strong PP salad box is equipped with robust locks, detachable compartment divider, reusable spork, sauce container, leak proof lid. All parts of them are BPA free, durable and food safe.

Keeps Salads Fresh
The top lid features a sealing ring and airtight locking clips so as to keep your salad and toppings fresh and secure inside the salad container. It is so easy to take salad on the go with it.

If you like the taste of the freshly mixed salad, instead of the vegetables and fruits that have already penetrated the salad sauce, then the separate compartment tray and the leak proof salad dressing pot will satisfy your will satisfy your pursuit of fresh ingredients and taste.

Easy Salad to Go
As the lid is sealed to be leak proof, you can use it to close the container and shake and mix the ingredients up together. If you are afraid that the lid is stained with sauce after shaking, please use the spork to mix your salads.

Easy Care
It is safe to put into the freezer to store food and into microwave safe to reheat food. Please remove the lid before reheat food in the microwave.

Please wash the salad container with warm soapy water, or put it into the dishwasher to make a clean-up. Dishwasher safe and free your hands.

Material: PP
Weight: 250g
Capacity: 1100 ml

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