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G.a HOMEFAVOR 1000ml Vesperdose Lunch Box Rostfreies Edelstahl Bento Brotdose mit 3 Fächern, Mittel, 17 * 13 * 6.2 cm

  • $21.99

Three compartments are designed for packing balanced snacks.

Only the highest-quality 18/8 stainless steel comes into contact with your food.

Very easy to open and close fully. Dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable.

Sized 16.7*12.8*6 cm and weigh 270g. The total capacity of the box is about 1000ml.

This food container is not leak proof. Please pack dry foods only.

G.a HOMEFAVOR 304 Stainless Steel Lunch Box

G.a HOMEFAVOR Lunch Boxes are made of the highest-quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel with NO linings, NO toxins, NO BPA, NO phthalates…… So they won't ever ever interact with your food or leave any smell or taste. They are the idea food container for heathy meals and snacks on the go. You will love them for school, work, weekend hikes and road trips…… Reusable and recyclable, with their convenient sizing G.a HOMEFAVOR also encourage you to do away with plastic wrap.


If you prefer to have fewer and larger sections in your food container, this GA Homefavor lunch box is for you. It has just 3 containers, so it can fit slightly larger items in each section. It's also much more affordable.

Stainless steel is soldered together to make dividers in these rounded rectangular boxes. The lid fits on tightly, but not watertight.

The total capacity of the box is about 1000ml, a great size for a lot of people. There's a tiny gap between each section, so avoid liquids.

What makes the GA Homefavor containers different from other stainless steel bento boxes is that they are totally plastic or silicon free. The Lids are quite tight-fitting.

With three compartments, one large square compartment and two smaller square compartments to the side. The compartment sizes make it easy to apportion proteins, carbs, vegetables and sides.

The compartments are made from stainless steel and are a permanent part of the lunch box, which, along with the lid, is food grade stainless steel.

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